To provide an effective and efficient emergency service of excellence in the execution of all mandated functions


The Emergency Services Department (ESD) delivers on specific legislative mandates delegated to local government. The Emergency Services Department focuses all its efforts on making Tshwane a city where the community can prosper in a safe and healthy environment. The departmental composition reflects a diversity of functions of a highly specialised nature and ensures that all operational as well as governing activities and interventions are executed in an integrated manner, addressing the safety needs of the community holistically.


The services offered on the Emergency Services portal, include the application and payment of the following:

  • Application for the storage of Hazardous substances
  • Application for the transportation of Hazardous substances
  • Application for Pre and Final inspections
  • Application for certificate of fitness
  • Application for Other services
  • Application for the Use of Facilities of the ESD
  • Application for Emergency Services Events
  • Application for Training by the ESD
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