e-Tshwane is connected to the major banks in order to facilitate payment instructions between users and the relevant bank. All payments are processed by the bank within their banking infrastructure. We only act on your instruction and are unable to facilitate any payments without a specific user instruction–we will never, and are unable to process any payment unless specifically instructed and confirmed by a registered e-Tshwane user.

Why should I pay using e-Tshwane or connected banks services?

  • To ensure that your service is not suspended due to incorrect referencing or delays in the City receiving notification of your payment. e-Tshwane is the only service that is integrated with banks for electronic referencing and real time notification.
  • To have your service reconnected within 4 hours. In the event that you have been disconnected for non payment then simply tick the "payment for reconnection" box when settling your account. That's all–we will reconnect your service within 4 hours.
  • To eliminate manual entry. This can occur in the capture of the reference number within the banking system or third party payment systems, in the process of these reference numbers being provided to the City, or internally within the City. Humans make mistakes !! e-Tshwane electronically controls all reference numbers, including within connected banks, ensuring no mis-allocations or lost payments.
  • To eliminate delays. e-Tshwane payments are recorded immediately on payment and we issue you with an electronic proof of payment. This payment confirmation is retained in history for future query and record retention.
  • To give you one single place for all statement and payment history. No need to retain paper copies of invoices and payment receipts.
  • To help your City. This service reduces our costs, eliminates wasted time trying to reconcile payments, removes erroneous disconnections and allows us to spend more time on improving services.
  • Payments made via other facilities can take up to 14 days to reflect on your municipal account whereas this delay is removed for payments made via the e-Tshwane service, eliminating the risk of unwanted actions by the Municipality.

Which banks support e-Tshwane?

No matter who you bank with we have a payment service for you. Our instructed debit pull facilitates payments for all banks. In addition e–Tshwane is integrated with and supported by ABSA, Standard Bank and all major credit and debit cards using Visa SRC.

ABSA customers can instruct payment within e–Tshwane and release this payment within their ABSA banking application.

Standard Bank users can log into their Internet banking, click on MyBills and the summary account information is loaded for payment. Once paid users can log into e–Tshwane and your proof of payment is immediately available, and linked to the statement/bill you paid.

For more details and instructions on how to pay click on the relevant options below:

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